Change page title + Image

How could I change page title and image?


PHP pages.

Did you get the answer for your question ? If yes please tell me too because I also want to change page title

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can you give a screenshot of what you want to change
depending on which page you are, the title bar change with the selected function…

and what about the image you want to change

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Setup -> Other Setup:


Hi, Firstly thanks for reply.
I want to change this text

Third parties/contacts to Marketing


Go to setup -> translation and overwrite the following translation strings to remove Third parties. In my case I renamed it to business. It’s a little shorter and more logic for our business case.

en_US ThirdPartyContacts Business contacts
en_US ThirdPartyContact Business contact/address
en_US ThirdPartyName Business name
en_US ThirdPartyEmail Business email
en_US ThirdParty Business
en_US ThirdParties Businesses
en_US ThirdPartyType Business type

Their are a few more to translate just search for: ThirdParty and translate accordingly.

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HI thanks for the support .I am trying to overwrite the translation but it’s not working. What I am doing wrong?

You probably don’t do anything wrong, you just didn’t get the perfect entry yet.
Do a search for Third Parties/Contacts and see what comes up. Since mine is already overwritten i am not able to do the search myself.

You can see in the attachment that I searched for Third Parties than I overwrite the resulted entry


Here is the answer :grinning:
found in the file /langs/en_US/companies.lang

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Its Working :smiley:
You save my day Thanks alot .


The best way to change this text : using the translation function

if you change in the companies.lang file, you will lose this translation with next update !!!

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