Rename Title bar

Please how can I change the Title bar from Dolibarr to my Desire name?

Setup -> Other Setup:


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Wow…it works. Thank you so much. You are the Best.

Hello, and what about changing the browser title of the login page ?

Thank’s for help


Need to change the value of the constant MAIN_HTML_TITLE to thirdpartynameonly,contactnameonly,projectnameonly

Then the title of the login page will be : MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE + Identification @ Version

Thank you for a quick reply!
is there a way to have the browser title MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE + Free Text


MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE is a constant that could be set to any value so it is Free Text

I mean for exemple MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE + Login page
instead of MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE + Identification @ Version


Not by default.
You need to develop an external module for that.
The idea will be to use the hook « setHtmlTitle »

Thank you very much @ksar

Please do you think commenting this line is safe for running Dolibarr
//$titleofloginpage = $langs->trans('Login').' @ '.$titletruedolibarrversion;

kindly give a walk through of how this can be done. i am stuck and don’t know which file and line to edit. please help