Click To Dial feature is no more working as expected after upgrade


Since last upgrade (to Dolibarr 17.02 - tested on 18.0.4: same issue), the click to dial feature is no more working.

This setup was well working before:

But now, when I click on a phone number, I have an error message telling “Error: error” as you can see:

Error message is the same if we click on a phone number from ThirdParty card or ThirdParties list.

I can confirm _ _ LOGIN _ _ is well defined in the properties of my user.

What is strange is that link is well generated by Dolibarr (if I do a right-click on a phone number and I copy the hyperlink, then when I paste it in another tab of my browser, the phone call is well comming).

Do you know if this is normal behaviour? Maybe something changed in the module, I am not aware and I did a mistake in the setting, but I cannot see what… I am creating a bug in GitHub just in case: Click To Dial feature is no more working · Issue #27206 · Dolibarr/dolibarr · GitHub

Thanks and best regards,