Comment puis-je ajouter une photo de produit

Hello, I am currently using version 14.0.1 and I can’t add a picture of the product in the product module.


Just go to your product card and click " Linked files " page then upload a picture with jpg format .
After that you should see the picture now .

ça ne fonctionne malheureusement pas


Would you please take a screenshot of link files page ?

Hello to you and thank you again for your attention.
Hello to you and thank you again for your attention. Here is a capture of the product PRINTER


This is not Linked files page , and not show Attached files and documents .

s’il vous plait ou puis-je trouver cette page ‘’ Fichiers liés ‘’ ?
Parce que sur la page produit que je vous ai envoyé, il m’est possible
seulement de joindre un fichier(dans mon cas une image) ce qui ne m’arrange pas.

Merci pour votre aide!


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Like ksar’s mention , you could upload a jpg ( or jpeg) in ‘’ Fichiers liés ‘’ .
And that first jpg file will be a picture of product .

Hello, thank you very much, the problem was indeed with the extension (.jfif) which was the default extension of my PC. I went to change it in the registry editor to image/jpeg and it’s gone.