Commercial proposal - position grouping

Is it possible to group multiple positions together?
For example I offer a PC to a customer with display, mouse, keyboard, … and the customer should see at the proposal just one position with “PC”.

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Hey :slight_smile:

For subtotals, you can find extra addons using this link Search - DoliStore

In this selection, you can try this link : PDF azur title subtotal and comment - this is a free addon

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thank you for your fast answer :).
I tried the free module. That’s good.

Is it possible to hide rows?
I would like to create subtotals of several rows and show just the subtotals.
But, for the correct stock, it’s necessary that the products are in the proposal (hidden).
I hope you understand my problem.

Thank you!

Hello :slight_smile:

this module does not allow to obtain this presentation, but it can be adapted

you can try the “enable kit” option in the setup of product module; then you can link one product with a list of child products,

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