Complementary Attributes of Resources module not included while exporting

Whenever I try to export data using the export function of dolibarr, it is not exporting complementary attributes I have added to resources.
It comes out as blank.
Only the default fields are retrieved in the export file.
This problem is only faced with resources module. I tried adding a complementary a proposals module and they all work fine.
For users module, the added complementary attributes are not even shown to be selected while exporting!
Is this a bug in 12.0.3?

NB: I freshly installed this version using doliwamp to verify it was not caused by any external factors.
Have anyone face this issue before?

Update: I installed another fresh instance using bitnami and I face the same issue. I am convinced that this is a generic issue.

PFA the data from tables llx_resource and llx_resource_extrafields

Dear sac. I have just made a full export of one of my Dolibarr installations (they are for development use).
This installation was doliwamp (webserver on windows + dolibarr) ver 12.0.1.
I opened the phpAdmin (version 4.1.4) and tried to expopt all the data base. I received an error with export.php file - is the php file that has all commands and variables for export data and it is in phpadmin dirrectory. I upgraded my installation to 12.0.3 which includes phpAdmin ver 4.9 but unfortunetely on //localhost/ I found connection only for the old phpAdmin (4.1.4). I move the new php installation to www subirectory -as they suggest in case that you want to use extra apps- and i run phpAdmin 4.9 from there. With this version export was just a few second (i just changed the size of exported file). Perfect all tables structure and data in a .sql file.
If you want to use command line there is a linux command in order to get the complete database if you want:
mysqldump -u root -p mydatabase > /home/myuser/database-dump.sql
root is your database root name
mydatabase your database
and /home/myuser/database-dump.sql the path and the file you want to save exported file.
Good luck. Dolibarr has many many solution and it is sure that you will find the correct one, but you have to try a lot mostly due to versions conflicts. (Always check apache, php, mysql, MariaDB, phpadmin and dolibarr versions).

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I am able to import and export SQL dumps.
I was talking about exporting data as CSV file using export function of Dolibarr.

I reported this bug in GitHub and maintainers were quick to fix this bug
GitHub bug reported and fixed

It is true that you can do many things with many ways. I have made many of them. Export to cvs, connection with ODBC to excell and to access. Now I am working with ADO sql connection which is very fast in order to see directly selected records. But for mass export I prefer phpAdmin export tool to an sql file. It supports also cvs format but I don’t remember why I don’t like it.