Config and first login attempt

I have Dolibar DoliWamp-10.0.2 installed ERP/CRM. I tried to install it and I got up to the part where the parameters have been set for me with regards to the
Web Server
Dolibarr Database
Database Server-Superuser access

When I clicked at the bottom “Next Step” The next page stated that
“Database ‘dolibar’ already exists.
If database already exists, go back and uncheck “Check database” option.
Go backward and correct wrong parameters.”

But like I said before the entries have already been set and cannot be changed. When I hover over the entries I get a redcircle with a slanted slashed line inside as the cursor.
I know what I need to change, I need to uncheck the Create Database field whender the “Dolibar Database”

Can somebody please help me?

Tom Fadelsak