Core Module Products - Needs to be Develop - for Future e-Commerce and Costing

I hope somebody can Update or Develop this Part

If someone can do this, Then During the Sale entry it will result the same below. Hail yeah! Dolibarr can be more than those ERP around commercial or open source, And when the Dolibarr’s e-Commerce will be born, There will be nothing compare to Dolibarr.

Account Receivable or Cash/Bank Debit
Revenue - Sales Credit
Cost of Sales Debit
Mechandise Inventory Credit

On the LIve data and Entries this will be the below:

Which is very Risk and Tendous, also if Accountant has less knowledge or a noobs, Oh sorry

On the Products and Services Module that will remain costant because, of the system is called Direct Costing. The system did not considered this type of Business, buying and Selling or Stocking or those companies that the activities involve in Stocking of the Items and Tracking the Cost. You have to do manual the costing. Is not the matter of FIFO, LIFO or averaging method. I would say this is the Area that dolibarr has weak.