Create PDF teamplate for Intervention

Hello everyone, I followed, to create a new PDF template, name: idear follow the tutorial until the step where I must insert the new template in the table: llx_document_model , I inserted the data however it gives this error: that it is in the image.

Hello I need to change the soleil model to generate PDFs with the extra fields of the interventions


A good start :

How do I get my new model to appear here? I’m following the: where he informs it to be inserted in the table: llx_document_model, I inserted the data but the model does not appear in this place only when I create an intervention, however when this error is selected: Error Failed to load doc generator with modelpaths = core / modules / fichinter / doc / - model = idear.


You don’t need to add anything in the table: llx_document_model to have the document appear on the list.
If it doesn’t appear mean that either the file is not accessible or in a wrong folder.
Or you made a syntaxe error on the php file.

Thanks for answering !
I have doubts because it seems to me that, is out of date in relation to version 12 of Dolibarr, I am following it and it has the instructions to insert the data in the table.

Thanks again for answering I did a verification based on what you told me and I managed to make the new model work, now I will leave to make the extra fields of the intervention appear in the generated PDF.
Would you have any tips?

try this :

I followed this Wiki, but the pdf continues to be generated only with the standard fieldspdf_idear.modules.php (27.1 KB)

Hello, I use version 12 and I need the extra fields of the intervention form to be printed in the PDF, I am following the wiki of extra fields. intervention form.
It does not work, you have refiled the steps of this Wiki several times it does not work.


If you are searching for help, you need to explain a bit the problem you are facing.

I followed all the steps but the extra fields don’t appear, so I realized the Wiki is made to insert extra fields in an invoice and not in an intervention form.
For example in this step I do as requested but nothing else appears in the PDF


This is quiet normal this line only populate the extrafield object but does not display it.

Once again, if you want help you need to explain ALL what you have done and what you obtain

Hello thanks for the answer, I need the extra fields to be displayed in the PDF, but I follow all the steps in the wiki but they are not printed in the PDF, I need them to be printed, following the wiki I believed I could make these fields appear in the PDF

Yes if you folow the complete wiki you should have it printed.

If you would like some help, you need to explain exactly all the modifications you have done

Hello, I use version 12 and I need the extra fields of the intervention form to be printed in the PDF, I am following the wiki:, but the extra fields are not printed from PDF, and the option to print the PDF when the extra field is created does not work. I insert the value “1” which is for the value to be printed on the PDF.

This Wiki: is outdated or only serves for the extra fields of the invoice and not for the intervention form.


Wiki is waiting for your update !

You can register there :