Customer Login

We are running version 7.0.3 and wondering if there is a way to have a customer portal? A place for the customer to login and see invoices, projects, payments, etc.


Forgive my very basic interpretation (I am fairly new to dolibarr and its terminology) - your customer is presently a third party.

You create “users” who can access the system and these users can be the third party you wish to give access to.

You assign “users” to “groups” and in the group you specify which areas of the system you wish the user to have access to (invoices, projects etc).

So you should be able to achieve what you need using core functionality,

There is lots of information in the wiki if you need help.

Good Luck!

You can check this module once although i didn’t use it. Check if it’s fulfilling your requirement or not. I saw few thing you can show to your customer in here.

Use Case: HelpDesk

Thanks to “Librethic” for making that module available under GPL for integration into Dolibarr codebase!

Setup -> Other Setup

MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL= 2 (Development & Experimental)

Setup -> Modules

Does work in 8.0.4. On your own risk :wink:

Dolibarr already allows for external users: