Default Language Arabic (ar_SA) can't change to English (Saudi Arabia) (en_SA)

Dear All
Your immediate support is expected as we face a problem (Default Language Arabic (ar_SA) can’t change to English (Saudi Arabia) (en_SA)) after updating to 14.0.3, and this bug still not corrected in 14.0.4
Please need your immediate support.


For Immediate support : List of Dolibarr partners and providers - Dolibarr ERP CRM Wiki

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Yes Sir, Just go to Translation, Then make the Default English, Then From English you can Translate into Arabic e.g. Bank Translation from en_US to ar_SA or vice versa but you cannot say en_SA this string is not on the table, creating the string requires more tendous task, better for you use the sting that is available

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are you using a free version of Dolibarr or a paid theme?