Delivery Receipt could not saved after updating

after updating from 17.0.2 to 18.0.1 delivery receipt could be issued but not saved as when click in the same sales order again there is delivery receipt and i can issue another one
the folder permission is correct as i can create and find all other files
also user permissions is allowed to create delivery receipt

also each new delivery receipt increase the number sequence, only missing receipt card link in the top of shiment card

any one ca n help?
i am missing delivery receipt

Hi all
I have the same issue.

moreover in shipments->list the column [Ref Delivery] is empty. It used to show and link to the delivery receipt

Please note as well that tab “delivery receipt” is no more translated (we use Italian) and shown as “stock receipt”.

In addition the list of shipments shows the same expedition as many times as per every delivery receipt created.

Can anyone suggest as this is urgent

many thanks

… another info for you
this issue appears on fresh intallation as well in 18.0.3 and 19.0

I have the same issue. Please somebody help!!