Display (BTW/VAT/TVA) on invoices

By default, your own VAT number is being displayed on the bottom of every invoice.
On several occasions I’ve received notice that our VAT number was missing from the invoices we’ve send out.
Each time, the issue was that the receiver scanned the invoice and during that process, the bottom line with our VAT number was lost :happy:.

I would like to show our own VAT number in the “from” field on the invoices, just like the customers VAT number is displayed in the “to” field. (Actually, this would probably be a sane default for every Dolibarr installation).

Is their a way to do this through the GUI? (special parameter), or do I need to edit the template? (or trick Dolibarr using one of the other fields that is displayed in the “from” field on invoices).

Thanks for answers.
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Answering my own question, there is a parameter that does just that.

MAIN_TVAINTRA_IN_SOURCE_ADDRESS ► Show VAT N° in source address of PDF to comply with legalities in certain countries ► (v8.0.1+)

Found in the documentation logged at https://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/Setup_Other

Thanks everyone, and thanks for this great software.

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Hello :happy:
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