Doli_Install : Dolibarr installation/upgrade script


By doing tests in all directions with our favorite software, I found the installation/update procedure very time consuming:

  1. Download the archive on SourceForge or github
  2. Unzip everything on your PC
  3. Send via FTP (due to the number of files it took some time)
  4. Launch the update

I started making a PHP script that allows you to do all these operations for you!

The only thing to do is to download the script and send it to your htdocs folder.
Then run the script with your web browser.

It will do:

  1. detect your language (English or French only for the moment)
  2. to make some checks on your hosting
  3. Get the list of Dolibarr versions available on SourceForge or Github developer.
  4. Download the archive
  5. Unzip it all
  6. Redirect on Dolibarr installation script.

It is for the moment in Beta, so use it preferably on a test environment

The script is available here (right click -> Save as):

Enjoy :smile:

Or Maybe something, I miss

This is the Setup on IIS 10

This is the result of your code


It is because you are on IIS.

I have made an update.

Hello Mr. Ksar what You do you mean by I used IIS[I believed it does not matter for as long as hosting is working], Ah okay, where can I find you update? I believed, so Far my system is working.

I check it there it is same code. But I did not found this Something in the [" /> "]


I have changed this :

SQL and Hosting, the Hosting of course is working

Your apps, I need to do something, This is just the same. To one during installation in Dolibarr version xxx

Hello Sir, Is there anything else? Oh by the way you please help me with me Problem? During the Installation of Dolibarr, there must be 2 database to Choose from:

Now out of these three on the dropdown menu only one is wokring either [MariaDB or MYSQL] I’d been trying to source out how to let this MSSQL work. Still I cannot figured it out.

Can you please help, I want to see how this Dolibarr run on MSSQL and see if the it will be more than those, Oracle, MySQL or MariaDB or the same.

Once again, Thank you Sir