Dolibarr 10.0 email collector how to get it work?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get Dolibarr working to test if it suits to my company. Test installation on Windows PC with XAMPP (because Dolliwamp is using outdated PHP).

I configured the email collector, but now I do not see any menu or item showing e-mails. Where do I see incoming emails and how is this collector working? I looked for some documentation but I did not find it. :frowning:

Thank you for your help and advise!


I have the same problem. cant seem to find the email collector section in Dolibarr.
Any help?

Email collector is not an email browser. It is a tool to automate creation of object in dolibarr.
If you set action to do in email collector to create thirdparty, you should see new thirdparty, if you set to create lead/project, you should see new project.
If you set action to create event, you will see new record into the agenda list (one email = 1 event into agenda. Content of event is content of email).

Hi everybody,

the emailcollector module could be a great addition for my workflow. If I have a new lead, I would just forward or send an email to my crm mailbox that gets read by emailcollector.

I would like to create a lead and a third-party from each mail. I set up emailcollector and it is able to record leads and events successfully.

However, it never creates any third-party entries. Not via the action “Create lead (and third-party if necessary)”, but also not via the action “Load third party searching on Third-party name (create if not found)”. No third parties are ever created, no matter what I tried (note though that the projects that are being created by emailcollector are being linked correctly to 3rd-parties that already existed in the database). For simplicity, I decided to add two actions:

  1. “Load third party searching on Third-party name (create if not found)” and as value “EXTRACT:SUBJECT:([^])" or "EXTRACT:BODY:Name:\s([^\s])”
    My idea was to have emailcollector create one unique 3rd party for each email address, and one lead for each email. (For simplicity, when I forward an interesting email to my dolibarr-scanned email account, then I would just manually replace the subject line with the email address of the contact. Then emailcollector can read in an unambiguous way the mail address for the 3rd-party to be created, as the sender will always be me and it will be difficult to automatically filter the correct email adress for the 3rd-party from the body.)

  2. Create lead (and third-party if necessary)" - no value

Do I make a mistake here?

Kind regards and thanks for all the work! (Made sure to buy the mobile app to support a little.)