Dolibarr 12 on Windows Server Core

This is to confirm that Dolibarr 12 will run on Windows Server Core without GUI | Below is the Back End server driving Dolibarr 12

Config:(As you can see on the Picture) | Only the PHP installation is little bit tricky - (That is technical issue on MsWinCore) | Windows Server 2019 Core - (This is Trial) | PHP 7.4.7 | mysql-installer-web-community- jdk-8u241-windows-x64, Phyton 3.8.3, Excel Connector, Visual Studio 2010 Connector Redist.) | php-7.4.7-nts-Win32-vc15-x64 | IISV10 (On IIS V10 make sure the fast-Cgi is on pointing to c:\PHP\fast-cgi.exe) | dolibarr-12.0.0 <On php - remove semi-colon curl, intl, sqli, gd>

The above picture is the client on Windows Core who is driving the Dolibarr 12

Thank you Mr. Eldy

Is there any risk? Thank you.