Dolibarr 12 | PHP 747 | MYSQL 8020 | IIS 10 | <<Backup and Restore>>

Hello Guys, I successfully installed the Dolibarr version 12 and it is Running, Under PHP 7.4.7 and MySQL 8.0.20. I would say Thanks to the Programmer. But I face a little issue here

What I want to not to setup again, because I previously created those data from the Previous group of companies and I want to restore the backup But the restore and backup is not the same anymore in Dolibarr Version 12. It says about I need external restorer. Like MyAdminPHP or use a comman prompt and run that command.

If someone there who has knowledge about his?

Thank you guys.

I have to say, Thank you to the Programmer and to the Management of the Dolibarr, It is really nice the Partial Released Version 12. I have only notice the backup and Restore.

hi, when i update dolibarr i perform these steps:
1 - backup “MySQL Dump” + any “Documents” backup (files uploaded by users, eg photos, pdf, odt);
2 - restore copy of documents (/ opt / dolibarr / documents)
2 - open terminal in bash;
3 - digital command restore database MySQL Dump
“/ opt / bitnami / mysql / bin / mysql bitnami_dolibarr -h localhost -P 3306 -u bn_dolibarr -p ********** <mybackupfile.sql”
Dolibarr updated.
I hope I have been helpful, bye

Assuming that you are using Linux, I never gone to Linux So Far, Linux tedious. Some people use it though, Thank you