dolibarr_admin_ Translation file.


I was just wondering what is dolibarr_admin_translation file for? Is it mostly technical strings or is it for the admins?

I have gone through the file pretty quickly and I noticed many technical strings in that file, the reason I am asking is that I want to know if we should translate this file or not for a small company?

If it is only related to technical translation, then we would rather not translate this file.

Thanks in advance.


I realy do not understand your question.
Dolibarr is allready availlable in a lot of languages, why do you need file translation ?


Thanks for the reply, the question I guess is very clear, if it is only related to technical stuff we will not need to translate it, but if it is related to the admin who are going to use it then we will need to translate that file, and since it is the biggest file, we needed to ask this question, because we are translating it to Japanese, and about 15 thousands words need to be translated for Japanese in this file alone.

I guess now I made it more clear.



It is really not clear sorry.
Languages file for Japan are here :
Not all the text are translated but if you want to improve the translation please use :

Ksar, thanks for the reply.

I don’t know what is not clear about what I am saying?

We are contributing to the Japanese translation in Transifex, this is not something we are worried about at all.

My question is simply if the dolibarr_admin_file is only a technical file, we would rather skip it for now and translate it later on, and if it is mostly related to the admins who are using Dolibarr, like a regular admin, not a technical one, then we will translate it.

So the question should be clear now, it is about making a decision when we shall translate the whole file. Is that very hard to understand?

Only two options:
Is it related to only technical terminologies and technical people? If yes we will translate it later on.
Is it related to the regular admin interface, where regular admins use the Dolibarr? if yes then we will translate it as soon as possible.