Dolibarr and MariaDB update error

Hi everyone, my name is Giacomo and I’m new here. Hope you can help me!

I’ve installed Dolibarr 16.0.0 and MariaDB in two docker containers on my Synology NAS.
Everything worked perfectly from July 2022 till today, when I noticed, on the Docker Image tab, that the images presented the button “new version available. click here to update the image”.

I clicked it, for both of them, and now if I try to open the dolibarr interface at http://mynasip:8042/ this happens:

I think some link between the DB and Dolibarr broke.
What can I do to fix this?

here you’ll find the log file…



Usually means that web server is not running.

Not accessible.

I’ve decided to reinstall Dolibarr in a new container. What a mess…