Dolibarr enforces the use of IBAN. How to disable?

Payments using IBAN is useful for exports, something we never do so we have no use for IBAN. Instead we (in Sweden) use something called “Bankgiro” which is sort of similiar to IBAN but only for domestic use.

However, when trying to enter Payment information (in Third party module) for a customer IBAN and BIC is required and we cannot find a setting to disable this requirement. How can we disable the enforcement of IBAN on a third party?

I can’t find a way but this post may help…

We have same issue in Denmark we have Giro code and FIK code as well this is a way that we normally put on invoice and will be showing on our bank account so it is easy to find right invoice

This manual fix (I tested it) will work.

Edit the file and then add a constant in
Home > Other Setup

Works fine on v14.0.3. Please comment if it works on your version.

Confirmed working in 14.0.3 after applying the patch.

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