Dolibarr for restaurant and catering business?

Hi! I have a customer who is running his catering/restaurant business based on Email and POS. It is very tedious and customers uses alot of time to answer customer feedback.

Has anyone implemented Dolibarr for a restaurant/catering businesss? This customer has about 50-200 orders a day.

As I can see from evaluation of the software it has everything the customer wants but I would like to get in touch if anyone has a “showcase”. For example customers get an sms or email when the order is ready for pickup.

How long has the implementation taken? 3-6 months? I guess the hardest part is to get all the details into the project plan


I found this addon at but it does not seem work 100%.
After extrating this in the custom folder and enable it I get DB issues…

I can’t recreate the first issue after the fist try, but it does create DB entries and “places”.

I would like to see this working and maybe use it my self.


This module seems to be archived and not maintained