Dolibarr forum and Dolistore websites very often are unresponisve


I think more less since about a year both the Dolibarr forum and the Dolistore websites do often become unresponsive, the behaviour of the websites is “strange”, sometimes right at first do let you wait for long times, (many minutes, maybe even a 15 minutes or so sometimes) without showing anything, then refreshing the page maybe they do appear working, while browsing it all of this can happen again…

In practice, here at least, the websites do look working only now and then, often interrupting and throwing messages alike 502 bad gateway… and so on

Is this happening here only?
Thank you

Hi JimDoliFan,

I agree with you on this one.

I saw your post summary, but when I clicked on it, it gave this message: “Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.” I have to click on “Try Again” before it took me here. :sweat_smile:

The defaulted in Russian now. :joy: