Dolibarr impressions and financial reporting question

I’m evaluating Dolibarr in the USA. I believe Dolibarr will gain popularity in this market because it’s being offered by major shared hosting companies freely with the major benefit of automated installation and upgrades. I’ve been testing Dolibarr in this environment and I performed one upgrade successfully. Dolibarr’s development seems to be accelerating. It’s an incredible effort by the coders and I like many of the features Dolibarr offers, but there is one big piece missing for me and I suspect many other companies, which is the lack of standard financial reporting including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Aged Receivables. These are fundamental reports common to most internationally developed ERPs that I’ve evaluated. So, my question to anyone who might know is, are these features in development or likely to be planned for development? Thanks.

I run a small business in Sweden. Dolibarr is as you say not so strong on the reports side. On the other hand I find it very easy to drag out of the database what I need for my purposes.

To give you an example:

In my business I have a warehouse with goods that need to be accounted and reported every year to the tax agency because the total value is above 5000 SEK.

There is an inventory function that I have yet to learn to use, but this year I did he following.

  1. made sure to use the shipping function on every purchase and sale of products to let Dolibarr handle the current stock of my 100 different products.
  2. in the end of the year I did an inventory and corrected all stock that was wrong
  3. in may 2021 I wanted to extract the value of all the products in stock at midnight 31 DEC 2020. Dolibarr has no GUI to do that, but he database is very clearly built and simple so I just crafted a single SQL query to give me the total amount. :smiley: