Dolibarr partner somewhere?


We are using Dolibarr for several years now, and came to a point of changing our CRM…
For the moment we have our database hosted on and we are self maintaining it…
We are looking for a good solution, better than Dolibarr. (ticketting, webshop, detailed customer file, responsive, accounting…)
Difficult to find a complete solution… so maybe we have to search for a Dolibarr partner who can help us if we have some functionality questions, or some adaptions to make.
Somebody interested?

Sounds like you’re a travel agency?

With ticketting I mean the helpdesk module…
No travel agency. You can see (in dutch) what we are doing on

We are selling (Mostly) and supporting POS systems.

Noted, thanks. My firm is building a Travel Agency around Dolibarr, and we have developers, but probably too different a space for now. I will say that finding experienced developers is tough, so we trained our own. You may wind up needing to do the same. Best regards, Terrie

Hi @Tills,
Why not make a direct inquiry to some of the official partners

You have one in your country as well.

Hi Tills,

I am a dolibarr developer and would be happy to discuss customising dolibarr with you.

If you would like to contact me you can message me on here or contact

Kind regards,


You can contact me. I manage several Dolibarr systems for my customers including needed customization.
I live in the Netherlands.

Thanks for the contacts and explanations

Will not be necessary anymore (for the moment).
Decided to move to ODOO.
Think it will be a better standard match…