Dolibarr USA enthusiasts and supporters

Hello Everyone,

I have been running Dolibarr happily for a few years now, and love being able to provide support and share my knowledge with others. I see US-based traffic elsewhere in the Forums, however, I would like to start really paying attention and hopefully collecting enough contact information to bring some of us together to help further my efforts of promoting this wonderful software package.

If you are interested in becoming part of a collaborative team to help promote and support Dolibarr in the US market, please send me a message or call me direct at 1-903-600-6389 Ext. 601.

Best Regards,

Chris Wilson


It seems there is not much interest here in the USA;) I thought I’d revisit the forums and try to get something going, or at least let people know we are here watching.

We have been supporting Dolibarr here at NeTex since v6.x…We got started with the platform and have since been very happy we made the switch from Quickbooks.

We are developers and our decision to switch was primarily influenced by the appeal of a flexible open source system we could easily modify and adapt to fit our needs vs. one that requires us to use 3rd party services in order to integrate with our other services.

In the beginning, we started by directly querying the Dolibarr database to pull customer data, but since release 8.x we have been using the built-in API ( to perform 99% of the tasks that were once a great deal of custom coding.

If anyone has any comments to add about what they are doing with Dolibarr all of us here sure would love to hear them!

Best Regards,

Chris W.

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Hi Chris…

It may not be so much that there is not an interest as much as those who are using Dolibarr could be busy using it. :ohmy: Maybe we will see some responses on here now that 9.0 is out and Dolibarr seems to be gaining some traction with advertisements and it being shared a lot more on various websites with suggestions of an alternative ERP solution. :happy:

I have personally implemented 2 companies so far in the last couple of years with Dolibarr and it works very well (One service based and the other a wholesale company).

I would like to reach out to you this week and chat.

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Absolutely, I am available any time.

That is understandable, we do get calls from time to time. Surprisingly most of the calls we receive are from overseas. None the less, it’s business.

I have about 12 implementations going in a few different markets. Everyone has been happy so far. Since cost went up on most commercial solutions that provide the same suite of features (or try to get close to it) we have seen an increase in interest but a lot of people have problems pulling the trigger. I decided to start making some more noise in the forums more often.

The most recent contact I made did mention the lack of activity in the USA forums, trying to keep things a bit active might not be a bad idea. At least people will know there are others here using Dolibarr and/ willing to help support it.

Great to hear from you and thanks for the post.

Best Regards,

Chris W.

Hello Dolibarr Community,

My name is Philip and I am a Developer at Spartan Net in East Lansing, Michigan USA. We just picked up Dolibarr as a back-office development project. We have a team of developers getting familiar with the Dolobarr project. We are looking for any Dolibarr project leaders that we can establish network relationships with as we transform Dolibarr into our ERP/CRM company tool.