Dolimed Support

Can any 1 refer me to Dolimed support.

Since I am trying to solve few problem with Dolimed. but can’t find answers here.

Thank you.

Hi there,

A little late perhaps, but can tou give me an outline for the problems you encounter with Dolimed?
If your problem already is solved than I would like to hear it from you as well. This is because we just started to support this software in Holland.

Kind regards,


Hi, there
sorry for so late in reply, was experimenting with dolimed and solved few of issues.
My main issue now is the prescribtion of drugs in dolimed. I hope there would be module seperate to prescribe drugs to patients which will be added to order & upon shipping will be deducted from the stock.
Also to print the same prescription on lables.

let me know if thats possible.
Thanks for replying.