DoliWamp Auto Start

Hi there, hope you all doing good.
Im new in Dolibarr, and i use it with the help of doliwamp, wich is basically a local server.
My question is: When i open up my pc, the localhost server is running automatically, what i want to achieve is to open up the doliwamp (apache,sql) when i want to use dolibarr manually, and not on window startup. Need you help!

i managed it with XAMPP, from apache friends,

if you work on a Windows PC try taking a look at the services in Autostart

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Thank you very much! I think that can be a solution, i see this two services
But if someone has any tested solution please post it because im afraid to disable the autostart as i dont want to mess with my installtion and cause any data loss etc.

I don’t use (and don’t know) Doliwamp, however I use Wampserver for Apache, PHP,…
I have already changed the Start of the connected services without problems, furthermore the operation is reversible at any time.