Download Module into Customs folders

I am a Dolibarr rookie and I need some advice… See below the README file on how to add a module into Dolibarr (can’t do it with the frontend… the folder is too big).

Few questions (I have my wife’s old Mac):

  • which other place README is talking about? A specific place? Do I create a new one in the Dolibarr folder?
  • How to add a symbolic link? Where do I copy and paste the line of code (with my own folder’s name off course)?

Thanks for your help,
FYI, I am not a coder… so be nice with me :slight_smile:

DOLIBARR ERP & CRM custom directory for external modules

This directory is dedicated to store external modules.
To use it, just copy here the directory of the module into this directory.

Note: On linux or MAC systems, it is better to unzip/store the external module directory into a different place than this directory and just adding a symbolic link here to the htdocs directory of the module.

For example on Linux OS: Get the module from the command

mkdir ~/git; cd ~/git

git clone

Then create the symbolic link

ln -fs ~/git/newmodule/htdocs /path_to_dolibarr/htdocs/custom/newmodule

Check also that the /custom directory is active by adding into dolibarr conf/conf.php file the following
two lines, so dolibarr will also scan /custom directory to find external external modules:


Hi kierskia,

that’s the place where you need to upload your module folder. if your Dolibarr is called dolibarr then the path will be /dolibarr/htdocs/custom/ if it’s called crm then the path will be /crm/htdocs/custom/

Thanks Futurehousetore! Apparently it works… I have now 84 modules (before i add 75). So it clearly added modules to Dolibarr…

But I can’t find any module called Dolimed or patients, etc…

Which modules I am supposed to activate to switch my dolibarr into Dolimed version?

I’m not sure about this one as I use Dolibarr and not DoliMed. Maybe this one ?

Thanks! I just learned that Dolimed is actually a medical version of Dolibarr, with additional Medical functions but without some of them. So we can’t combine Dolibarr and Dolimed.

Maybe somebody is working on combining both versions? If so, let me know. I would very interested in participating in the development.