duplicate rouget template

I want to duplicate first page of pdf templates.

Please be more clear for faster help

I want the whole page for shipment or invoice to be 2 copies not only one Page.

Can any one help, all i want is when i generate an invoice or shipment is to generate two copies instead of just one page in the same pdf file.


Let me be a bit cheeky :evil:
What if you print 2 copies of the invoice or print it twice :laugh: :laugh:

You are right regarding invoice but for shipment file i send to warehouse and every time i have to tell them to print two copies for the driver who is going to deliver goods to customer; as customer gets one copy and signs the other to the driver, but often they just print him just one copy.

So if there is any way to generate two copies in the same pdf file on the system that would be great.

try ODT:

go to /htdocs/admin/confexped.php and activate [code]Support products deliveries receipts[/code


to duplicate template page; just go to the file and add $pdf->copyPage();

like that for rouget at the end of file.

global $conf;
return pdf_pagefoot($pdf, $outputlangs, ‘SHIPPING_FREE_TEXT’, $this->emetteur, $this->marge_basse, $this->marge_gauche, $this->page_hauteur, $object, $showdetails, $hidefreetext);

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