Email collector question

Hi to all

For last few days I have tried to configure Email Collector so that it created tickets using subject and body of email.
And I have failed.
I am missing crucial information about ¨ Operations to do by collector¨ setting.

I have tried to use as in first image or using similar syntax but Im receiving errors.

I have searched forums and Wiki but no documentation on EmailCollector is available

Hi Goran,
Many people are struggling with this module. More extensive documentation and usage examples were promissed, patience is thus required unless you have urgent needs…

I appreciate answer.

I have patience but this was supposed to be simple solution to ticket creation for team of 20 people.

Did someone managed to make it work? I can read emails from IMAP account and create tickets but the tickets have messed up info in them.

Hi Goran,
I saw oscim just published a pr on github related to emailcollector, suggesting he has experience in this module. Maybe you could contact him directly.

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Unfortunately I could not find how to contact him. No email and no user on forum and his github page has no contact.

After poking around source code I have found syntax that worked for me.

I could be wrong with it but it works.

Keywords for ticket creation are: $subject, $message and $origin_email. These are extracted from email and passed to function that creates new ticket.

It would be nice to have in filters option to enter keyword and boolean functions. IE subject does not contain ¨keyword_1¨ AND contain ¨keyword_2¨

I had a similar problem, in my case problem was database collation. I had to convert all my tables to utf8mb4. If e-mails contains emoji or any other special character database collation causes problems.

If you could not solve your problem yet, see your collation settings also.

I have got it working using syntax as I have described. Problem was that there was no explanation or documentation regarding keywords that were used. Only after going thru source code of many files that make up EmailCollector module I was able to find what are those keywords.

Database was ok and it was accepting data but EmailCollector was not extracting and passing correct information.

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I found very useful this online tool for matching lines and also extracting info from them

OK that’s great information @goran.metlic - thanks!
I had written a message here:

Goran’s suggestions got me one step further. Now a 3rd-party indeed is being created and attached to the project that is also created. However, the 3rd party has the wrong name and wrong contact (the address of the sender, which is wrong in my case, because I am forwarding relevant emails to my crm address that is scanned by dolibarr, as described in my post linked above. What I instead want to do is to supply the contact email adress manually in the subject line of every mail I forward to dolibarr.)
Does anybody know if there are similar tags as the one described, but now for the automatic creation of 3rd parties?

Does anybody know where the third-party creation function takes it’s information from? Or does anybody know where to search or whom to ask?

Thanks and kind regards!

Hello Guys,

Does anyone has a working setup for collecting lead for dolibarr v13. Mine stopped working after the update. It still says that n email qualified for n actions but no lead are created

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