Email configuration error problem

Hi All,

I have configured Dolibarr 12 on a subdomain I created and is running fine. The only problem I have is the email configuration, it returns with the error below;


Need to ask your hosting provider.

Also have a look there :

I am using Google Suite and all configurations I used are correct. I have used this same configuraiton for email profile in other applications.

Hi there!
Have you tried to change the port to 465 (ssl) instead of 587(TLS)?

I used the G-Suite too, but I used the port 465. Only one thing is I cannot use the App password (2 step verification). I have to turn on the less secure app. It makes my account vulnerable.

I have tried this and it didn’t work!

I have done so and still didn’t work. Can you please screenshot your configuration?

Let see.

Sending success

Thanks for your support! Again, returned with same error