Enable Ideal in Stripe

Has anybody added an additional payment method in the Stripe module in Dolibarr?
I want to enable ideal payments for my customers.
Via the Stripe side i could find the following:

but I dont know where to integrate that in the Dolibar implementation of Stripe.

Ideal payment, Waarschijnlijk Nederlands.
I should suggest that you contact an developer for you to integrate.
You can contact me if you need someone.

Have you looked here for configuration? https://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/Module_Stripe

Did you set up a test account and did some testing. Sometimes you have to try and see if you can make it work.

If not, try a webshop with an Ideal service like Molly integration. And integrate the webshop with Dolibarr.

I have a woocommerce webshop using Mollie. How can I integrate that with dolibarr so that customers can pay the dolibarr invoice using mollie?

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I have solved the issue by adding the payment method “ideal” in one of the stripe module php files. Ideal payments via Stripe are now possible!

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I have done an integration with the Splash module between WooCommerce and Dolibarr.

Great! You have solved it.

Here a short description how to enable Ideal (dutch bank) payments in the Stripe implementation of Dolibarr 12.0.3:

in file /htdocs/public/payment/newpayment.php

In line 1995 you can find the payment methods; by default only card is enabled:
‘payment_method_types’ => array(‘card’),

As per description in the Strip documentation you can add Ideal in this list by changing line 1995 into:
‘payment_method_types’ => array(‘card’,‘ideal’),

And that is it. The support for Ideal is already implemented in the rest of the modules.


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