Error 406 (Not Acceptable) when create a new Third-part

Hi there!

I’m facing problems creating the third-party company after update my Dolibarr from V18.0.5 to V19.0.0.
After filling out all the data in the form and submitting it, the error page appears with the message “Not Acceptable - An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server.”, and nothing is written in the database.
I’ve been trying to find any issues but couldn’t.
I used it without any problem until V18.0.5.

I’m using the PHP version 8.0.20 and a server with Linux.

Could anyone help me?

Thank you.

Hello! It seems like the upgrade to Dolibarr V19.0.0 might have compatibility issues with PHP 8.0.20.


Error 406 is generated by your hosting company, it’s not directly linked to Dolibarr.
Have you asked your hosting company ?

Hi there!

Thanks so much to everyone! I just brought my PHP version back to 7.4 and the problem was solved.