Error after installing via Dolideb or via .zip

Guys, I try to install Dolibarr for too long and need your help…

First, I downloaded the .deb file on sourceforge and installed it without any errors. After starting it, it showed 2 red marks which I solved using the terminal and typing sudo apt install php-intl and sudo apt install php-imap. After restarting the Firefox Browser, all prerequisites were checked green. On the second page the only thing I did was change the database to “pgsql” and typing in two passwords. The third page is showing me this error which I could not solve.

"Host, login or password incorrect
The database connection failed: the host or super user parameters must be wrong.

Go back and check/correct the parameters."

I even reinstalled Linux Mint 21.2 after so many terminal commands, because I thought I broke something. Still the same result.

I am grateful for any advice.


I think you should post on Linux Mint forum.
Most probably, there is a configuration missing for PostgreSQL

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and unfortunately, the same error occurs. I installed phppgadmin to have a look if I missed something, but I could not find out any errors. Is there anyone who could point out my mistake?

Thank you in advance.