Error creating financial account in v7.0.3


I create a new chart of account model [ DE_SKR04 - SKR 03 - DE - activ ]


and want to add financial accounts to this chart of account

with account-no like ‘100’, ‘200’ or ‘1000’
but dolibarr cuts off the NULL ‘x000’ -> ‘x’

Any idea?

Can I edit this direct in llx_accounting_account (e.g. with phpmyadmin)
or is there more necessary?

I think this is a feature.
Even if the code is stored by trimming the right 0, the code is still displayed with 0 filled until the specified number for the length of the code (6 by default).
Do you need anything else?


it is not a feature, because every tail with ‘0’ is cut.
and i can not edit this.

but we need

I see now in debug mode:

Warning: fopen (//www/dolibarr/htdocs/install/mysql/data/llx_accounting_account_de.sql): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \www\dolibarr\htdocs\core\lib\admin.lib.php on line 141

it exists no llx_accounting_account_de.sql file

and in llx_accounting_abc.sql is no area for Germany

Is this the problem?

Is it possible to edit llx_accounting_abc.sql
and add something like this:

-- Description of chart of account DE SKR-03
INSERT INTO llx_accounting_system (fk_country, pcg_version, label, active) VALUES ( 5, ‘DE-SKR03’, ‘SKR 03’, 1);

and than run dolibarr upgrade
or what is the way?


if I type in account number
e.g. 12300
than dolibarr cut it off to 123

but if I type
12300_ ( _ = space bar)
it works

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