Error 'dolibarr.llx_user' doesn't exist

Hi Dolibarr Community

I tried to install Dolibarr on our Synology Nas and I encounter this error after trying to log in:

‘dolibarr.llx_user’ doesn’t exist

for reference, I follow this vlog for the installation:

Any suggestion or recommendation on how to fix this issue

Thank you

I found out it was Database Charset problem
the error was happen during installation on utf8mb4_general_ci
then I reinstall it in utf8mb4_bin ### It works, Yeah!!! :grinning:


Dolibarr database charset should be utf8_general_ci
If a table does not exist, and then, when you change charset, it exist : That’s means that the table was corrupted.

Dolibarr version 18.0.3
Mariadb 10

I take a over night to test it, it nothing relate to charset. is the module issue
neither nothing relate to php version

When I enable module “PARTNERSHIP MANAGEMENT” could not create customer/vendor/
When I enable module “STOCKS” could not open [Products > Inventory]

but when I disabled these two modules, everything looks fine

could dolibarr working on utf8mb4_general_ci ?

Yes but you could have some bugs.
Exemple : migration issues · Issue #16315 · Dolibarr/dolibarr · GitHub