Error: Duplicate entry '17-1' for key 'uk_product_stock' inventory import

Dear all,

I love Dolibarr and run it successfully on Version 14.0.0 (well apparently not this time) - and this drives me crazy and desperate at the moment

  1. I want to make a simple inventory update based on the given cvs or xls template

I received the following error:

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    Duplicate entry ‘17-1’ for key ‘uk_product_stock’

It seems that there was a bug that seems to have been closed in January 2020: BUG: Import Stock "Stocks and location (warehouse) of products" broken · Issue #12978 · Dolibarr/dolibarr · GitHub

I followed every possibility to add the 3 mandatory lines

Product* (ps.fk_product) Warenlager* (ps.fk_entrepot) Warenbestand* (ps.reel)
ref:1031270 id:1 8


Product* (ps.fk_product) Warenlager* (ps.fk_entrepot) Warenbestand* (ps.reel)
17 1 8

it all comes down to same result. I would highly appreciate any input. I do not see any more way to update stocks?

My article numbers consist of numbers only - I thinks that should be ok - however I read that this might pose a problem but this would be annoying to change article numbers only because of this bug?

Thanks for your help.


Damn, the devil is a squirrel.

You are absolutely right. Now it went through flawlessly. I just did not see that drop-down menu.

Thanks for your help

Hi. May I ask you what the solution was? I only see your 2 posts. Because I run into the same problem while I try to update some products.