Error when creating documents

Hey Community,
I’m using Dolibarr since version 10.0.0 but I think I am still a Newbie.
I have updated Dolibarr for security reasons to version 12.0.2.
Now, every time when I start creating a proposal, invoice etc., I can download the PROV* document to see my document. In every “PROV*” document there are all my informations i want to see and i have put into my *.odt document.

But now the strange thing:
When I create the real document with my document numbers there are also all informations but not the customer fields.

It is a very strange thing and i cannot create my proposals and invoices now.
Need help please.

Thanks a lot,


May be same as here :

Sounds like a bug

Check if this error happening under all users or just non admin users. And refresh your app authorization with google drive under documents configuration tab.
If refreshing your authorization did not resolve error, you may have an extra “{” possibly in your google doc template in one of your merge fields or wrong formatting on one of your merge fields.
If not the above two reasons, there could be some hidden formatting within your template causing this error message. If you uploaded your google doc template from a word document, there is a chance there is hidden formatting in there. You can test by creating a blank google doc (do not copy the original one), update sharing settings and then replace this google doc ID into your document action. Then test to see if error comes up. If it does not, then you know it is an issue within your previous template and if you cannot find the merge field it is coming from, then it may be issue with hidden formatting and you need to recreate your google doc template and can copy/paste from old template to new template so you can be sure no hidden formatting.

Hope this solves your problem.

Hey ksar,
sounds similar to my problem.
Do you know if this is a known issue and is reportet to the developers?

With this bug i cannot use dolibarr anymore and need to check if I can use a backup in a new version of dolibarr 10.0.0.
I know that this version was compatible… My Problem is the backup, it is from version 12.x.x :frowning:

@mikeduke111 thank you also for your post. I only have one User activated and I created a test-template only by using the content of the wiki. Every {company x.y.z} entry is blank in the created document :frowning:

issue solved by code-chicken, maybe you can test if this apply to your problem…

Hey @espritlibre and @ksar,

thank you so much for the hint. It works for my version 12.0.2 and I have all my customer informations in the invoice again.

Hopefully this bugfix will be implemented in 12.0.4, because as I see it is also buggy in 12.0.3.

Great work!