Error when generating a new odt extension file for a task: "Error: Failed to write in temp directory"

Hi. I’m new here and grateful for the excellent work.

When generating a new ODT extension file for a task, I saw the following error in version

Message: Error generating document for CommonObject. Error: Failed to write in temp directory

I fixed this on line 527 of the oc_generic_task_odt.modules.php file by replacing this:

if (!is_writable($conf->task->dir_temp)) {

by the following syntax:

if (!is_writable($conf->projet->dir_temp)) {

Sorry if this is the inappropriate place to discuss, however, I believe it’s a tip that can help people with low programming knowledge like me.

If anyone knows how, please include this fix in some developer’s to-do list.

(ps. and sorry for my bad english kkk)