Error when validating BOM

Dolibarr: 11.0.1
Level of features: 0
PHP: 7.0.33
Server: LiteSpeed
OS: Linux
DB: MySQL or MariaDB 5.5.5-10.2.24-MariaDB

I have a strange issue when validating a BOM:

As you can see from the picture, the error is due to pdf_avalue.modules.php not existing and furthermore it is looking in a folder called mylist. mylist is a module that I have installed for reports from the Dollistore. mylist folder does not exist in the test2 root folder but exists in the custom folder as it is an addon module. Also I have noticed that core/modules/bom/doc/pdf_avalue.modules.pdf does not exist in the default download of v11.01.
I am just highlighting this issue for a possible solution.


Good day.

Have a look here:

There is a solution and explanation for the problem. Worked In my case 100%.

Hope it is helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the solution. At least that error is gone. Now the issue is when validating the BOM or MO there is no pdf generated. Was this feature removed? I am on a hosted environment and not able to use ODT templates.

Any solution to the above

Having the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved?