Error while login with NON-ADMIN users.

- Version: 10.0.1
- Operating System: Windows NT 6.2 build 9200 (Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition) i586U
- Web Server: Apache/2.4.9 (Win32)
- PHP: 5.5.12
- Database: MySQL 5.0.45
- URL(s): /dolibarr/index.php?mainmenu=home


I’m new to Dolibarr and not a Tech person at all.

I’m facing this issue, when I try to login with a NON-ADMIN user, regardless of what permission it has.

“Error in some triggers USER_LOGIN or in some hooks afterLogin”

can anyone help me on how to fix it?

thanks a lot for your comments.

La pièce jointe LoginBug.png est absente ou indisponible


the table llx_element_lock is not a default table of Dolibarr, this must come from an external module, it must be seen with the developer of this module

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from your comments I just checked amodule I installed.

“Single Login”, that’s what was causing the issue,

I have to do some testing, but for some reason, it appears to cause problems when single login is enabled and a new user is created. anyway I disabled the module in my company and it allow the NON-Admin user to login.

Thank you!