Extrememly long hours for extracting the zip in windows with SSD

When I tried to extract the zip file (18.0.5) with 7Zip, it takes more than 10 hours to unzip, does anyone know why?

I even set the priority of 7zFM.exe to be real-time in task manager, but it does not help.


This is the dolibarr forum, you may go to 7Zip forum to have better chance of solving this issue;
For me, the causes could be : Disk full, others programs in // etc…

I had a similar problem on one of my SSD drives, it would suddenly claim impossibly long transfer times for copy and extraction jobs (much worse than a non SSD)

Suffice to say, the drive failed a couple of months later, the long delays were the SSDs internal error correction trying to cope with the failing cells (all SSDs seem to be MLC now, storing multiple bits in a single cell)

I would try copying the 7z file to another physical drive and see if the problem occurs then.