FCKeditor wrong encoding

Hey all,
I’m just trying to solve a problem regarding the FCKEditor.
This saves German umlauts etc. wrong in the MySQL database.
Example: is from ö ä ü "& o u m l & a u m l & u u m l " etc.
I have tried in the database already the character set for the table with UTF-8 and latin_1. The result remains the same. If the FCKEditor is turned off, the characters are displayed correctly.
I find in the module of the FCKEditor no possibility to set the character set.
Do I oversee something? In the FPDF scripts, you can try to regulate it with: convToOutputCharset, but it does not work, even if the character set is changed in the script. It is also unclean.

Is there a way to pass the characters right into the MySQL database?

What do you mean when you say “This saves German umlauts etc. wrong in the MySQL database.”
When ckeditor is enabled, the special char are html entity encoded into the database. So ü should be stored Ü

Don’t you have this ?

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sorry for my bad English,
This is not what I mean. I have attached Schreenshots.
The problem occurs with all HTML fields. This makes a search in the database impossible. The FCKeditor I need however for the E-Mai dispatch.

Pièces jointes :

Hi, i have the same strange behaiviour here.

When creating a new Customer Order (Commande) the data in the “xxx_commande” Table public_note is saved encoded, ä => ä which will generate errors creating the odt file.
when editing the field (note_private or note_public) the encoding in the database is correct, so the umlauts are saved as äöü.
Does anybody have the same error?