Field 'File' Required when uploading file anywhere in dolibarr

Whenever I try and upload an image or document anywhere in dolibarr i get the error "Field ‘File’ is Required. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few days but so far no luck. Hopefully someone here can help.


I did not see that.
What is the dolibarr version ?
Where and how it has been installed ?
Can you give a print screen ?
Dolibarr logs ?

I’m using version 14.0.2 and it’s installed via installatron from my hosting provider. It was installed to a /crm/ directory under my primary domain. Everything else seems to be working but the file upload is having issues.

Check your “$dolibarr_main_data_root” path in /conf/conf.php is correct. Plus, the folder needs to be CHMOD 0710 or 0755. If everythings is OK, I guess it is may be a php error.

You can activate “Debug bar” and “Debug logs” modules and try to upload file again. There will be a record in the log with the error, if any.

To vie the log, Open “Debug logs” module settings and there will be a link to download the file.

was anyone able to solve this? I have the same issue on 14.0.2
Just checking through @milenmk suggestions

My issue was solved due to php sessions and the following was set in php.ini through cPanel Multi PHP Editor for the domain:

session.save_path = "/tmp"
open_basedir = Off

I was able to list user sessions and also upload product pictures/files after that.