FREE TakePOS support due to COVID-19

Hello to all Dolibarr users and especially TakePOS users.

My name is Javier and I help to TakePOS with development for a long time and I am constantly in touch with the incredible TakePOS team.
These are difficult times and we have with a lot of free time from our homes. I have proposed to the TakePOS team to offer FREE support to all TakePOS user to solve problems, questions, ideas… The team think it was good idea. I will be one of those people who will give the support that you can already request through the web

Helping to the community in difficult times!


Thank you Sir Javier, indeed, this is a great help and it is with great honor and appreciation.

Can you help me with this error, how do i have a category?


If you select Products from the dolibarr top menu, there should be an entry for the categories in the sidebar. If not, you most likely have to enable the categories module first.