Generating Delivery Note

Hi Everyone,
I started using Dolibarr not quit long and I’m pretty much impress on the modules and how the Supply Chain activities are well integrated.
Can someone please help to know how to generate a DELIVERY NOTE after issuing an invoice for a customer or Prospect?
my contact is : and phone number +224664481212

Cissé Khaoussou Gaoussou

You can only generate a delivery note from a customer order not from an invoice.

can you please advise how to do it? I mean steps to follow.

You create a customer order and then validate it. Once you validate you will see a create shipment button at the bottom.

Awesome. thanks for this help.
from my setup I’m issuing the orders from Purchase Order and I was wondering how the get the delivery note from there.
I will get my developer mate to figure out how to integrate this into the Purchase order menu.

Thanks again.

Delivery note can only be done from Customer Order