Geolocation tracking for field users

Dear All,

I would like to establish a module that tracks the activity of the sales force on a map in my Dolibarr. This also will need a mobile app so it will be used by the sales force in the field to perform activities e.g. visits, making orders, add comments to a specific customer. All these activity should be tracked and the feed back should be go back to the software.

Please advise in this regards.


Dear All,

I could not see any comment on my post. It would be highly appreciated if anyone can help in this regard.



I’m not sure if what you would want exists for a sales force out in the field. There is a mobile app called Mobilid which you can find here

It has a customer, supplier, inventory section amongst other things. You can also create customer/supplier orders from it. In terms of a map or showing field activity on a map, I’m not sure. But if Mobilid works for you for everything except the map then I would approach the developer to see if they could add it in. The module app developer is very responsive and reliable too.

Hope it helps.

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do you need the geolocation in Dolibarr?
In wich part / function of Dolibarr?
For Third Parties
or for logistics or ?

Look here:

Maybe this is a little help to start.

Nice suggestion, but also be mindful that the maximum supported version of that module is v6 only. Possibly inactive development.

Hello Sir,

Actually, I am looking for an app to be used by my employees. i.e reps who perform task and visits assigned to them by me. By geotracking, i will be able to know if they performed their visits or not.
Regarding the one you sent, I have went through it before. It is to place the location of the third parties manually. It is not what I exactly need.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help