Getting issue when converting ODT to PDF


When I am converting ODT to PDF, I get the following:

ODT to PDF convert fail (option MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF is libreoffice, command was soffice --headless ‘//D:/xampp/htdocs/sf-erp/documents/users/temp’ --convert-to pdf --outdir ‘D:/xampp/htdocs/sf-erp/documents/supplier_proposal/RQ2211-0001’ ‘D:/xampp/htdocs/sf-erp/documents/supplier_proposal/RQ2211-0001/RQ2211-0001_supplier_proposal.odt’, retval=1) :

all the tips on the link below I have done, but it still fail to convert

Have you tried this command on a terminal ?

Hi Ksar,

I just tried to run it and get the following:

And this file exist ?


and it is generated here, but not converted to pdf

May be a file rigth access issue ?

I don’t know.
do you know how can i check it, or change the permissions on windows?

I am having the same problem, have you managed to fix it?