Greece: Diff series of invoices with own numbering

I’m grom Greece, where there is a really active Dolibarr community. The tax system in Greece indicates multiple types of invoices. There is a type of invoice for providing services (TPY), one for shelling goods (TPA) and one for shelling and shipping goods (TDA). No matter what they all have the same function, they must haveseperate numbering.

I’m trying to make it using masks in “Invoices module setup”, under the theme mercure, by setting masks like TPY-{yy}{mm}-{0000}, TDA-{yy}{mm}-{0000} and so on, but unfortunatelly it does not work, because each file is for a different function (replacement invoice, deposit invoice etc.

Is there a way to manage that? I think this issue is similar to [url= but i’m not really sure. Anyway this topic is 8y old, while nobody answered to the last question 1y before. So I just started that.

Thank you in advance!