Help on choosing or not Dolibarr

I’m looking for a CRM or ERP&CRM solution that I can integrate with OpenCart and Purpletree Multivendor module.
Basically it will all come down to Opencart integration.
Preferebly I’m searching for a solution that integrates using web services or API which Dolibarr or Opencart don’t seem to have to integrate with each other.
However I noticed a functionality that could solve the integration problem, at least until a module arrives.

  • That’s Email Collector.

Basically Opencart can send emails for configurable events, being able to capture those in Dolibarr would allow integration and Dolibarr adoption.

It seems to me, with it the user/store owner, could integrate and update properties with no coding/low coding and that could render a major advantage over other ERP&CRM products, that aside from the API and Cloud Services of course.

However being such a powerful advantage i can’t find proper documentation or examples on how to use it and I would like to give it a try before deciding on Dolibarr.

Is there somewhere I should be looking for (that I’m not finding) ?
Is there a cookbook of examples where i can find samples to adapt to my needs ?

Forgot one important information about what i think would be a workable integration workflow.

Opencart, or anything else for the matter, sends an email to a Dolibarr mailbox with and event, p.ex:
The source email address will be the same for the different events (will be the store itself).
But can also be sent to the Dollibar Mailbox directly from a supplier, customer, seller,…

New user registered - that would create a new customer with the registration data in the email (name, contact, email, address,…)
New order placed - that would create an order with the order data in the email (Order ID, order items, order total,…)
User updated account data - that would update the user data with the data in the email (using user email address as user identifier, update address, zip code, contact (phone),…)
New status for order - that would update the order status with the order data in the email (new status, user who changed the status,…)
and a variety of other situations.

But the initial question maintains, how easy can Dolibarr be integrated with Opencart or other software.

if I understand your needs correctly, you would like the mails generated by Opencart to activate events in Dolibarr and for these events to interact with Dolibarr data.
I am not familiar with the Module EMail Collector, but I doubt it is capable of doing this.
Generally the integration between Dolibarr and external producers is done through the development of specific modules.

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You got the idea.
If email collector was able to do it at least for the existing options, third party and leads, that would be a start.
The optimal would be to work for orders, payments, etc…

The proper way would be to use API web service but since there is no module for OpenCart the email collector could work as a generic integration tool, even if temporarily until a module is developed.

Thanks for your reply.

What about using one of the carts already supported?

There is a business plan attached to it so it’s not that easy.

But you say OpenCart is supported.

It would also be like why don’t you support OpenCart with Multivendor ?

Thanks anyway.

Pedro Ruivo

No dia 04/05/2021, às 08:13, Dennis Priskorn via Dolibarr international forum escreveu:

May 4

What about using one of the carts already supported?

Take a look at DoliStore for a list of integrations or contact a company to help you through the whole process.
Dolibarr now includes it’s own cart also, maybe that’s good enough for your purposes?

Perhaps it’ll be enough but the diversisty of other options surely isn’t the in the scope of Dolibarr Cart.

Dolibarr seems to be a good solution and in the end the one that best and easier integrates with other solutions will be the best bet.

As an example you can hire for a very low price an advanced invoicing, stock, product,… management system (i won’t put it here because would be advertising) and that service has extensions/plug-ins with no additional cost for opencart and other e-commerce solutions.

It would be great to be ablle to integrate dolibarr with opencart or other e-commerce solution.

That would boost me to pay for Dolibarr as a cloud service since i have Opencart on a service provider also, These two would communicate using webservices.

Thank for your reply anyway.

I don’t understand your reasoning here. I quick search gave me a lot of results related to Dolibarr and WooCommerce (which is the most popular FLOSS e-cart to my knowledge). Why not just use that?
You can try/buy Synchronize your data between Dolibarr and WordPress which has both Magento and WooCommerce support.

Probably you missed that i talked about OpenCart not Woocommerce/Wordpress.
Theres is Woocommerce/Wordpress and a ton of other solutions of course.